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          Jiangsu (Yangzhou) Xinchen Electrical Co.,Ltd., situated in Yangzhou Weiyang Economic Development Zone, is a high - & New - Tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacture, sales and services of high and low voltage intelligent electric devices.

          Jiangsu (Yangzhou) Xinchen Electrical Co.,Ltd. has built a strong technical force. owns advanced manufacturing technologies and is equipped with sophisticated production equipment and perfect inspection & test means, so as to ensure consistent reliability and safety of the products, has establish and perfected a sound quality management system (ISO9001:2008) and has implemented ERP computer network management in an all round way. The products manufactured are widely used in such fields as electric power, construction, petrochemical, machinery, metallurge, textile, transportation and finance.

          Currently, the sales and services network of Jiangsu (Yangzhou) Xinchen Electrical Co.,Ltd. covers all the country, has established more than thirty offices and has appointed more than twenty agents over the country, so as to provide users with comprehensive and highly efficient services.

          Main products manufactured include: XCPS series control & protection switching devices, XCQ series dual power automatic transfer switches. XCF1 series load isolation switches, 3CV series indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers, ZW32 series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers, FZW28 series user boundary vacuum load switches, XCM1 series plastic case circuit breakers, XCM60 series intelligent plastic case circuit breakers, XCM1LE series residual current protection plastic case circuit breakers, XCW1 series intelligent universal circuit breakers, XCTR series electric file monitoring & detection devices and electric fire datection & control systems and a variety of miniature circuit breakers and electrical devices for machine tools, all of which have obtained the certification of the China Quality Certification Center, "3C" and "CQC" and have covered the product liability insurance of the PICC Property and Casualty Co.,Ltd.

          Observing the operating philosophy "Quality is Life and Science & Technology is Essential for Development", adhering to the enterprise spirit "People-Oriented and Pursuit of Excellence" and aiming high at "Victory through innovation and Winning through Sincerity", Jiang su (Yangzhou) Xinchen Electrical Co.,Ltd. will develop and manufacture better and newer products and provide professinal and highly efficient services for customers and the society.

          Jiangsu (Yangzhou) Xinchen Electrical Co.,Ltd. is ready and willing to march forward hand in hand with vast customers for creation of a more brilliant tomorrow.
          Xincheng Electrical © copyright 2011 m.wasatchtreeservice.com all rights reserved.
          Add.: No. 16 Jinhuai Rd. Weiyang Economic Development Zone. Yangzhou. Jiangsu
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